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End to End Lighting Solutions for any Home In Katy, Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas

Home lighting has always been evolving. But something was missing: A singular vision for what lighting can be, and how it can be integrated into our lives in the most satisfactory way.

Fixtures in Harmony, Unparalleled Lighting Control

The best smart homes function synergistically. This is how ‘lighting’ becomes something more: a great user experience. No other company pulls every aspect of light into a single engineered solution to guarantee this level of innovation and performance.

Great lighting is never static—it’s constantly changing to address homeowners’ needs to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, in any room. Delivering this experience relies on well-designed controls that work in harmony throughout the home. This is where Savant excels, with lighting that offers modern design, intuitive control, and outstanding performance.

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A World of Brilliant Ideas For Lighting

Partnering with USAI Lighting, we offers architectural lighting with sophisticated, high-end lighting options designed to fit perfectly with any style or décor—including downlights pendants, recessed lighting and extensive color control options. USAI offers the best of intelligent, personalized LED lighting color control.

Smart Bulbs

Energy efficient and perfect for your retrofit, enabling flexible installation. Available in millions of color.

A Higher Level of Lighting Control

Ascend keypads come in a range of styles and button configuration options, with a new look that’s subtle and elegant.

Go a Little Wild with Light Tonight

Light strips are perfect for adding touches of light here and there, from subtle, elegant lighting in bookcases or along stairs, to dramatic washes of color across a wall. Savant light strips also offer a great way to be creative and express your unique style.

The Power of Choice, Keypad Options for Any Lifestyle

It’s nice to have options, especially when it comes to your home environment. Savant offers a range of keypads that offer powerful, personalized control of every aspect of your smart home experience.

Scenes on a Button

Personalize your system by creating scenes that can set the mood at the press of a button. Just one button press can dim multiple lights, start your favorite playlist, close the shades, and more.

Scenes can be created and edited inside the Savant Pro App, and buttons can be custom engraved so you always know what scene to activate.

Introducing ASCEND

Ascend Keypads. Minimal. Beautiful. And incredibly powerful. It’s Smart home control with sophisticated design, and instant access to an unparalleled home experience for music, climate control, scenes and more—all at the tip of your fingers.

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Daylight Mode

Savant uses advanced logic to adjust intensity and color temperature to support a healthy sleep and wake cycle.

Full Center Control

The most intuitive interface for color control. Set the perfect mood, or just have fun experimenting with the possibilities.

Turnable Whites

We all have preference for lighting. Some like warm light, some like cooler light. Savant lighting technology allows you to choose color temperature values to dial in the just the right shade of white to match incandescent, candlelight or sunlight


Add color to any Scene to create just the right vibe. Or, using the Savant app, simply touch on the color wheel to change the color of any lighting in your home.
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Say Hello to CYNC™

C by GE’s legacy of smart products is now Cync. Cync creates a simple smart home experience that goes beyond lighting. With new products like an Indoor Smart Camera, an Outdoor Smart Plug, and an innovative, user-friendly app, the smart home possibilities are absolutely endless.