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Value and Quality

Security Camera Installation Services In Katy, Houston, TX & all Surrounding Areas

Security Systems Installation In Katy, Houston, TX & all Surrounding Areas

Experience Peace of Mind Over Your Property

Your assets are too valuable to leave unprotected. Legit Works LLC offers commercial and residential security system installation services in Richmond & Four Corners, TX. We’ll integrate your cameras and smart doorbell with the rest of your system so you can access everything easily. You’ll be able to control all your devices from your smartphone once we’ve finished our work.

Get in touch with us today to arrange for security system installation in Richmond & Four Corners, TX. If you also need monitoring services, we can refer you to one of our trusted business partners.

3 key advantages of installing a security system

We work efficiently to complete installations in the Richmond & Four Corners, TX area. With one of our integrated security systems installed, you’ll be able to:

  1. Make sure your children get home from school safely
  2. See if potential burglars are lurking around your business
  3. Know when someone is trying to break into your property

Call (713)-240-3068 now to learn more about the integrated security systems we install.

Security Cameras Installation

Security Cameras Installation

Smart Doorbell Installation

Smart Doorbell Installation

Smart Doorbell Installation In Katy, Houston, TX & all Surrounding Areas

When you want to make your home in the Sugar Land, Richmond or Four Corners, TX area smarter and safer, install a smart doorbell with the help of the Legit Works LLC crew.

Reach out to us now to get an estimate on your smart doorbell installation.
3 good reasons to install a smart doorbell

A smart doorbell can enhance your home’s:

  1. Security – With a camera attached to your doorbell, you’ll know who’s outside your home and be able to keep an eye on things when you’re away.
  2. Convenience – By connecting your doorbell to the rest of your smart technology, it’s easy to control your home’s security with the touch of a button.
  3. Value – When your home is equipped with the latest technology, your home would be worth more if you decide to sell.

We’ll Lay The Foundation For Your Other Systems

We place the utmost value & attention on privacy matters following cybersecurity. Security products originating from Korea do not carry the stigma of vulnerabilities or penetrable attributes. Privacy is simple, and IC Realtime’s TAA line keeps it that way.

You can count on us to install the perfect camera system at your home or business. Call (713)-240-3068 now to get a free estimate on installation services in Katy, Houston, TX & all surrounding areas.

Interconnectivity AI & Cybersecurity

The reliability of TAA compliant gear and the combined unparalleled connectivity using today’s most widely accepted and secured platforms makes the line a clear choice for projects of all shapes and sizes.

The TAA Series has been triple-fortified against cybersecurity threats and subjected to systematic and rigorous third party stress, vulnerability, and penetration testing.



Industries We Serve

IC Realtime serves a wide variety of businesses across the private and public sectors. Below are a few examples of where IC Realtime’s commercial solutions may be implemented. We provide the industry’s best 10-year equipment warranty and affordable, flexible & comprehensive enterprise-level solutions.

Hotels & Restaurants
Data Centers
Law Enforcement

Facial Recognition

Real-time face recognition Capture & record faces with metadata tags
that make them searchable in video footage review.

Face Database

Recorders can store 10,000 face images and have up to 10 built-in facial recognition databases. Each face record can be updated with name, gender, birthday, address, certificate types/numbers, etc. to identify individuals in the database.

Discern facial features such as:


A New Threshold In Home Security

Communicate with all your entry points from anywhere in the world. From front doors to side doors, garages, gates, and everything in between, Savant Entry provides security you can see.

Eyes, Ears & Voice At Your Doorstep

Introducing connected entry for your home, including wide-angle HD camera with video capture, plus two-way intercom. Smart. Seamless. Secure.

Reach out to us today and get the best security system for your Katy, Houston, TX and surrounding areas home.


Peace Of Mind Made Simple

The latest Savant security interface is intuitive and flexible, with options like configurable notifications, embedded Ring video and entry call access – delivering a security experience that’s personalized for each user in the home.

Ring X

Savant & Ring join forces to deliver peace of mind and smart security, fully integrated with the Savant Smart Living Experience.

Designed For Professional Installation

Supported products from Ring X are built with quality components and a sleek modern look. Elegant, reliable, and easy to use – Ring X is a worthy addition to any smart home.

When People Come Calling, Answer

Expecting a delivery? A dog walker? A house cleaner? Say hi and share instructions — or let them in from anywhere in the world via your Savant app.

Moment’s Notice Surveillance

Set alerts for the instant motion or noise is detected, if a keypad button is pressed or tampering is attempted — then launch the 135° view from the entry station camera.

On-Demand Video History

Want to see what happened? Use your device to access video recorded when someone pressed the keypad, or when motion, noise or tampering has been detected.


A New Security Experience

The all-new Savant Pro App security experience is smooth, intuitive, and matches the controls and features of your native security system for ease of use that’s there when it matters most.

The New Face of Smart Security

Our all new Security service offers features like remote monitoring and security notifications, all in an elegant and intuitive new interface.

Refreshingly Familiar

Our clean, modern security interface is designed to match the function of your natively installed security system. Same commands, same PIN, and no need to relearn a thing.

Monitor and Receive Notifications Remotely

Create your own notifications and keep tabs on your home 24/7 with Savant’s advanced notification system.


Customization for the Life you Live

Talk to us about personalizing your entry system controls to lock and unlock doors, turn on flood lights, open the garage door, and more.

Volume Control, Room by Room

With entry integrated into your Savant home, you can control the volume of incoming calls and adjust service volume throughout the home at the tap of a finger.

Intelligence With a Tough Exterior

The sleek entry station embodies intuitive technology — and more. It’s virtually indestructible. Weather and vandal resistant. Modular and modifiable.

All the Doorbells and Whistles

Open the door to a smart, more secure home. All you need is the Savant Pro app and get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss with you the best options for your Houston, TX and surrounding areas home.